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Parent Coaching

Parenting can be the most rewarding experience of our lives. But parenting can also be a challenge. Even when things are going well, it’s common to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. When our child experiences his or her own personal struggles, it’s even more difficult. And while a child can work through those struggles in therapy, sometimes parents still need a helping hand. Things like divorce, adolescence and transitions into elementary, middle or high school can throw family life off balance. Parent coaching provides a safe place for parents to express their concerns, worries, and questions, and receive fresh insights and practical tools from a neutral professional.

Each family is unique and has specific needs, but parent coaching sessions can help parents:


  • Learn skills and tools tailored to your family’s needs

  • Understand the behavior of their child or teen

  • Find increased connection with their child or teen

  • Understand how their parenting style and strategies affect their child or teen

  • Improve communication with their child or teen

  • Increase cooperation and responsiveness in their relationship with their child or teen

  • Deal with stressful family situations

Who Can Benefit from Parent Coaching?

Since additional education is not a requirement for parenthood, it can be helpful to seek support. Parent coaching can be beneficial for any parent who: 

  • Feels like their child or teen doesn't listen 

  • Feels like they struggle to understand their child or teen

  • Feels like they struggle to communicate effectively with their child or teen

  • Deals frequently with power struggles with their child or teen

  • Feels that they have lost connection with their child or teen

  • Feels unable to manage a developmental milestone or other shift in family dynamics

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