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Fees & Insurance Information


Initial Individual Evaluation [Under 18 client] $275

  • 90 - 120 minutes


Initial Individual Evaluation [Adult] 

  • 50 min $175

  • 90 - 120 min. $275

Couples' Evaluation - $275

  • 90 - 120 min. 

Individual Therapy Session - $175

  • 45 minutes {Play Therapy

  • 50 minutes (Teens & Adults)


Couples' Therapy Session - $200

  • 50 minutes

Family Therapy Session 

  • 50 minutes $175 

  • 90 - 120 min. $275

In-School Therapy Session - $225

  • 45 minutes - 60 minutes

Parent Coaching Session 

  • 50 min $175

  • 90 - 120 min. $275


The Center for Mindful Families is an out-of-network provider for most major insurance companies. In many cases, your out-of-network reimbursement covers a significant amount of therapeutic services. Please contact your insurance company to ask about your out-of-network outpatient Mental Health and/or Behavioral benefits for more information. At this time, we are unable submit claims on behalf of our clients directly to their insurance company, but we are happy to provide you with documentation so you will be able to submit for reimbursement.


Here are a list of questions you can ask your insurance provider.

  1. What are my out-of-network, outpatient, mental health and/or behavioral benefits when seeing a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or outpatient therapist-non-physician?

  2. Do I have a deductible, coinsurance, or co-payment?

  3. Have I met my deductible this year? When does my deductible restart?

  4. Does Pre-Certification apply? (Does the insurance company have to approve the treatment prior to starting therapy?)

  5. How would I be reimbursed for the out-of-pocket costs? (Send a check after proof of payment is submitted or apply any payment towards my deductible?)

It may also be helpful to inform your insurance company that we are specialists. Our providers specialize in early-childhood and infant mental health, are post-adoption specialist /deemed adoption competent, as well as specialize in teens, and LGBTQIA+ individuals.

FSA & HSA Plans

We accept all credit cards as well as payments from your HSA (Health Spending Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account). Please ask us for more information. 




Because an appointment slot is reserved for you, there will be a $75 charge for appointments cancelled or missed with less than 24 hours notice.


A 50% deposit may be required for a child's (under age 12) initial appointment. This deposit will be applied toward the initial appointment fee. 

Why Don't you Accept Insurance?

What are the Benefits of Private Pay? 

When looking into therapy, one of the factors to consider is cost and whether it is a benefit covered by health insurance. However, there are benefits to paying privately for your therapy, without assistance from your health insurance provider.



The therapists covered by your health insurance company may not be the best therapist for you, as insurance companies to do not carefully screen or select therapists based on their expertise or services offered. Unfortunately, they more likely select clinicians that are the most economical choice for them.  HMOs in particular can greatly limit access to mental health coverage. 


When health insurance companies cover therapy sessions, the therapist must steer the treatment to fit into a diagnosis which he or she was was mandated to give you. If other areas of concern arise, your therapist is obliged to give you an additional diagnosis code in order to justify treatment to the insurance company. 


The majority of insurance companies cover a predetermined, limited number of sessions. If you exceed your allotted sessions, your insurance company may demand a review of your mental health records. If they determine that you are not benefitting from your sessions, they may make the decision to discontinue coverage for your sessions. It is also possible that the insurance company may also require that you take medication before approving additional therapy.

All health insurance companies expect satisfactory documentation of mental health services before paying reimbursement for services. Although mental health professionals are mandated by federal law to keep confidential records, clients must sign a waiver to release information in order for therapists to communicate this confidential information with the insurance company. The confidential information submitted would include dates of service and a mental health diagnosis. If the insurance company requires pre-authorization for treatment additional information, such as therapeutic session notes, must be also provided. Once an insurance claim is submitted to be paid by the insurance company, an average of 14 - 17 other people handle the "confidential" information in order to complete and file the claim. 


It’s important to note that all information submitted to insurance companies is part of your permanent medical record and could be used to raise your insurance rates and prevent you from being able to obtain life insurance, disability insurance and/or future private health insurance. Since medical conditions and mental health disorders are reported by the insurance companies to the Medical Information Bureau, this information may also affect your eligibility into the armed forces and can even negatively affect your driving record because when you apply for health insurance, life insurance or disability insurance, your perspective insurance provider obtains a report of your records from the MIB. It is important to keep this information in mind when deciding about therapy for your children.

Ability to Choose A Therapist
Client-Directed Therapy

“In the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”


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